Cincinatti 9/11 Truth v. Mike McConnell
      For your everyday talk-radio host, this guy sure knows his stuff and is fully capable of holding his own in this three against one debate. Highly recommended!

Loose Change v. Screw Loose Change
May 20, 2007
      Pat from Screw Loose Change goes up against Loose Change's Jason Bermas in this Genesis Communications Network debate. Due to technical difficulties, the debate has trouble getting off the ground. Yet, Bermas and Pat eventually engage in a thought-provoking debate.

Steve Alten v. Mike McConnell
April 2008
    Remember when the Truthers believed that the best opportunity they had to bring their message of truth into the mainstream was by a fiction novel? Mike McConnell, the Cincinatti talk-radio host, goes up against the author of this novel.

Alex Jones v. Ron Wieck
April 29, 2008

   Debunker Ron Wieck (from Hardfire fame) goes up against Alex Jones in this BBC Radio show. While Wieck and The Conspiracy Files producer engage in some critical thinking, Alex Jones does nothing but rant and shamelessly plug his website.

Jesse Ventura v. Howard Stern Radio Show
May 20, 2008
      Howard Stern and his minions interview Jesse Ventura, which recently came out of the 'Truther closet' just in time for his new book. 
     Though this is barely a debate, Mr. Stern attempts to launch some good counters but then he just concedes as Jesse goes on his rants.