My entire goal for the DD was to create an epicenter of sources needed to debunk 9/11conspiracy theories. With that being said, almost everything in this site was made entirely possible by those giants that have gone on before and published/released their material on the Internet.


Name: Kevin
Occupation: American History Instructor
Location: South Eastern United States
Contributions: The Debunking Directory Blog

The Debunking Directory Stands On The Shoulders of These Giants

Name: Mark "The Great One" Roberts
Occupation: Tour Guide
Location: NYC
Contributions: Hardfire Debates, Mark Roberts Collection, Street Debates, Online Research, Web

Name: Pat Curley & James Bennett
Occupations: Real Estate & Graduate Student
Location: Phoenix, Arizona & Bellevue, Washington Website:
Contributions: Blogs

Name: Mike Williams
Occupation: Freelance Writer
Location: United Kingdom
Contributions: Web

Name: "Walter Ego"
Location: Savannah, GA
Website: |
Contributions: Videos

Name: Ryan Owens
Occupation: Student
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Contributions: RKowens4 Collection

Name: Ronald Wieck
Occupations: The American Thinker, Contributor & Occasional Host of Hardfire.
Contributions: Hardfire

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